Hosted Services

Hosted Services

A hosted IP solution can, in some circumstances, be the most cost effective way to provide small businesses with “high tech, high cost” functionality.

All hardware and software, with the possible exception of a small data router and phones, is housed off-site and charged on a monthly, per user basis rather than as a capital upfront cost.

It doesn’t matter how many phones you need or how many sites you need them on, they will all behave as though they are connected to one system in one location. Because the central system is in fact one huge system that serves thousands of customers all over the world, you get to plug in to, and benefit from “big system” functionality without the need to invest in a large telephone system, just by paying a small monthly service charge.

This service is ideal for customers with small aging phone systems that need replacing, but do not want to reinvest in technology which will again begin becoming obsolete from the minute it’s installed. It is also ideal for customers that have just a few extensions on their site(s) where the purchase of a complete system for each site cannot be justified. If you are among the growing number of customers who don’t want to tie your capital up in depreciating assets why not consider a hosted solution? That way you can take advantage of all the latest technologies without the worry of maintenance and keeping your system up to date.

Benefits of Utilising A Hosted Solution include:

  • Calls Between Your Sites are Free of Charge
  • No Hardware to go Wrong On-site
  • You’re Always on the Latest Software
  • You Retain your Local Number Wherever You Are
  • You can Integrate Home and Remote Working
  • You can Control your Calls from Anywhere
  • It’s Easy to Manage
  • It’s Cost Effective and Fast to Expand
  • Calls are easily Rerouted in Disaster Type Situations

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