Home Telephone Systems

Your Own Business Number

To ensure you always present a professional image and never miss a call when working from home BluBel can assign an additional area-coded number to your broadband via the BluBel Home Worker Solution. This will enable you to have one number for your personal calls and a separate one for your business calls. You can assign up to 6 different numbers to the telephone provided, each with a different area code, if required. There is no fee for the supply of these numbers and no additional line rental as they are assigned to your existing broadband.

A Dedicated Business Line

Your existing broadband will carry your calls, therefore you will not have any additional line rental costs. You will only be charged when you make an outgoing call at competitive business rates.

Choice of Phones

The price of £179 includes a range of handsets such as:

  • S79H
  • C59H

Upgrades to Bluetooth compatible phones are available and include the slim, innovatively designed highly featured, cutting edge Gigaset SL400H.

  • Gigaset SL400H
    Gigaset SL400H

Call Forward to Mobile

If you would like to be able to take business calls when you are away from home the system will be pre-setup to include the option to redirect calls to your mobile. Calls can either be set to call your home phone first and then your mobile if there is no answer, or calls can be directed straight to your mobile. Once the system is set up with the choices you require, it is easy to switch between options to suit your situation.

It is worth noting that you will be charged for any incoming calls that are redirected and answered on your mobile, however as the call will be directed over your broadband the call rates are very reasonable.

Unanswered Calls Routed to Voicemail

The BluBel Solution includes a professional voicemail messaging system. It includes two voicemail boxes to allow one for personal calls to your home number and one for a professional business message. When you have a message left or miss a call you can opt to have a text message sent to your mobile. This message will include details of the person who called. Messages left on your voicemail system can be accessed from your mobile or any other remote phone.

Call Record

Should you require a reminder of the content of a call, conversations can be recorded by pressing a button on your phone whilst on a call.


Should you need to involve a third person on your call a conferencing facility is available.

Portable Number

Should you wish to work from another location or move, your number can be taken with you, providing you have broadband in your new location.


Should you grow and wish to have additional phones with their own individual numbers, this telephone system can expand to support up to 6 cordless phones all acting as individual extensions.

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