Calls, Lines & Broadband

Calls, Lines & Broadband

How about a BT line for a lot less than the cost of a BT line?

BT no longer have the monopoly on line rentals and call charges – 1000's of BT resellers are fighting for your business, all trying to undercut each other, driving the price down – resulting in huge reductions for you.

Remember – When you change suppliers nothing is done to your lines. Your number does not change, and there is no physical swap over (in fact, your new supplier will still use BT engineers for maintenance). It’s just the billing process that changes, so there is no danger of you losing any service or call quality.

FACT: Call Charges to Local, National, International and Mobile Numbers are Continuing to Plummet

So why are most businesses un-knowingly paying over the odds for their calls?

It’s simple, and largely due to one of the following reasons:

  • You don’t have the time to analyse your bills
  • You’ve changed suppliers once and don’t think any future cost savings warrant the hassle
  • You are bombarded with sales calls from BT resellers, and have decided not to take their calls

But the main reason is that you probably have no idea how much call charges continue to be driven down and down, and how much you could save.

If you haven’t analysed your bills and researched the best deal within the last 12 months then I can almost guarantee you that there are £100’s or even £1000’s in savings that are slipping through your fingers every year.

FACT: BluBel recently saved A1K9 52% on the cost of Mobile Calls and 78% on their International Calls!!!

Take advantage of major savings with just a few minutes of your time by requesting a ‘Free of Charge Call Analysis Report’ – this ‘No Obligation Report’ will clearly show you how much you can save by switching billing providers. If you decide to go ahead, BluBel will arrange for this change to happen on your behalf.

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